Bold City Creative

In the course Advertising Campaigns, the class is run as a hypothetical advertising agency and is hired to develop a campaign for a given company. In 3 1/2 months, we at Bold City Creative developed a year long campaign strategy for Spinnaker Media in order to increase brand awareness, increase the organization’s volunteer base and to increase advertising revenue.

In this agency, I was appointed Account Executive. In this role, I was responsible for overseeing the Communications¬† Director and Creative Director and their teams, as well as the event coordinators. For these nine team-memebers, I was responsible for setting and maintaining deadlines, approving creative directions and assisting with any and all responsibilities within these teams. Working as a team, we developed a plan book laying out our campaign for the client. Along with these duties, I acted as liason between our agency and the client in order to ensure the client’s needs and wants were met.

Personally, I assisted in not only the client background, situational anaylsis and SWOT analysis but I worked directly with our team to develop our guerilla marketing concept. I also worked directly with our creative team in order to design and execute the client planbook. This can all be seen in the link below, which is the planbook we presented to Spinnaker Media. Over 130 hours were personally spent on this project.

Spinnaker Media Campaign planbook: campaigns-spinnaker-planbook