Social Media

While interning for DHN-TV, I was named social media coordinator and was head of social media posts on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It was my responsibilty to ensure social media posts aligned with the brand identity and voice, to create brand credibility and increse positive brand perception.Along with my main goal as social media coordinator, I was responsible for content creation- including photographs, video clips and copy used on social platforms.

Some examples of successful posts that I curated and monitored are featured below along with examples of analytics from platforms over the time of my internship.

Social media post examples:



These posts are examples of:
-regularly posted links on Facebook, to ensure click through to the company website
– a curated Facebook giveaway, an engagement strategy to gain new followers and exposure
– a contest performed over various social medias to get fans involved, increase engagement and ensure repeat visitors
– a teaser post to get followers to engage with the page multiple times to gain exclusive content

Tweet1 Tweet2 tweet3 Tweet4

These posts are examples of engagement strategies on Twitter focused on being up-to-date on pop culture and trending topics to gain follower interactions and engagements. Many tweets focused on celebrities, while some focused on upcoming events the company was partnered with.

instagram instagram2 instagram3instagram5 (2)

These posts show that Instagram content was largely focused on appealing images in order to gain likes, followers and engagement. Captions on these posts varied from call-to-actions, meme culture and pop-culture references.


This graph represents how DHN-TV’s social media platforms have performed over the time span of my internship.
analytics1 analytics3 analytics4 anayltics2


Over the course of my internship, my main goal was to gain followers and interactions on every social media platform, and to create a lasting engagement strategy for each platform. These strategies will ensure successful social media posts after my internship is over.
Through this, I was able to complete an entire social media campaign design proposal found here : Social Media Campaign Design Proposal.