About me

linkedinHello! My name is Brittney Salter, and I consider myself a creative entreprenuer.

With a degree in advertising and communications, I focus my creative efforts on all aspects of communications, marketing and designs. I have a passion for branding, social media and design. I aspire to succeed in all that I do while inspiring others in any way I can. I consider myself creative, hard-working, and innovative with a personal passion for art, design and media .

I have spent my professional life working within creative industries. With years of visual merchandising experience, I have a serious eye for detail and am in-tune with consumer’s wants and needs. This experience has given me skills to understand how important branding is to a company and how to effectively work in teams. Along with this experience, by creating and selling my own art work at various Art Walks in Jacksonville, I’m proficient with the ins and outs of personal selling and branding. Taking part in the event, One Spark, as a brand ambassador and creator, my skills also now include event management and online marketing and advertising.

More recently, I worked my way through every position at a start-up entertainment media company. This experience allowed me to excel in content creation, media relations, event management, photography and so much more. I had the opportunities to attend national events such as South by Southwest, Playlist live and ESPN’s X-Games as a representative and working media.

I am well versed in multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn both personally and professionally. Past internship duties have included creating written content, photographic content, editing, contacting clients and social media management. Well organized and time-efficient, I am constantly striving for success in every opportunity presented.

I would love to hear from you about particular opportunities or ventures you may have!